Why do women play golf?

To date, golf is a game that has been dominated by male players.  Historically, it has been hard – and still can be hard – for women to establish themselves in golf clubs.  Things are changing rapidly.  Women’s professional golf is beginning to enjoy a higher profile, attracting more prominent sponsors, returning as an Olympic sport and offering ever increasing prize money.  Now is a great time for women to feel inspired to get into golf.

If you can get off on the right foot, golf can provide a huge amount of enjoyment. There are the obvious benefits of being active and getting out in the fresh air, often in stunning surroundings.  Equally, golf is a wonderfully social game to play with friends, and a great way to make new friends.

Golf can be an amazing stress buster.  Learning to enjoy the game from the beginning, rather than putting pressure on yourself, for example, means that golf can be the ultimate way to discover and establish a bit of regular ‘me time’.  And for those who enjoy a bit of friendly competition, golf can be a great game to keep the competitive juices flowing well into old age.

One of the most frequently asked questions from beginners joining a Golf Like a Girl event is “What shall I wear?”.  It is heartening that women’s golf fashion is also changing for the better, with many companies producing a more current and stylish range of golf wear.

So whether it’s to find an excuse to socialise, exercise or try out a new golf ‘look’, women play golf for all sorts of reasons.  It’s healthy fun.  Golf Like a Girl exists to make it more and more enjoyable for all women golfers.


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