All in it together

Another beautiful summer’s day at Hever Castle Golf Club.  The second in our summer series of Golf Like a Girl events.

Nine women, mostly beginners, started the day with coffee and conversation out on the terrace.  It’s great to have a bit of time for the group to get acquainted at the start of each session.  Our chat quickly exposed feelings of nerves and trepidation about trying golf.  It’s reassuring to find out that we share similar feelings to others.  By the time our coaching time began, there was a sense of everyone being in it together.


Today’s coaching time was great fun.  A few aspects of the game covered before the group went out on the course to play a hole together.  These Golf Like a Girl sessions provide an introduction for beginners to experience what golf is really about: the natural beauty of the course environment; some laughs with friends; fresh air and relaxed enjoyment of this rewarding game.

Group cohesion and mutual support is central to our experience at Golf Like a Girl.  It’s important to establish that before anybody picks up a golf club.  There’ll be a time when Golf Like a Girl groups feature more experienced golfers and benefit from connections established over many years.  But that’s in the future.

Today, our Golf Like a Girl group came together as strangers.  They tried something new together, shared thoughts and activities together and, hopefully, left feeling part of something valuable together.

See the gallery of photos on our Facebook page.


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