We’re golfin’ in the rain, just golfin’ in the rain

We had been so lucky with glorious sunny days for our Golf Like A Girl events so far this year.  Unfortunately our mid-August sessions served a reminder of the occasional weather challenges during our British summers.

The rain might have arrived half way through our coaching session, but it was going to take more than the odd shower to stop us having a great time.  The ‘be prepared’ message had gone out that morning.  Armed with shower-proof jackets we pressed ahead, and were so glad that we did.

The rain couldn’t dampen spirits.  Our coaches provided fun exercises to help our beginners and improvers learn how to play golf without the pressure to ‘get it right’ every time.  By early afternoon there was the shelter of the clubhouse with a lovely lunch and a glass of wine.  Giggles at the ’19th Hole’ a feature part of the Golf Like A Girl experience. 


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