Game On!

So far in 2015, Golf Like a Girl has introduced 50 women to the game of golf as part of our events during the Summer and Autumn.  It’s exciting to witness the progress and growing interest in playing the game that many of us already love.

Golf Like a Girl has recently introduced ‘Game On’ events.  These include on-course playing time for our new golfers.  Many of our complete beginners soon start to develop the shots needed to play golf, but there often feels like a lot to learn when you’re out on the course for the first time:  Who goes first?  What happens if I lose a ball?  When do I take the flag out? When and how do I mark my ball on the green?… 

We know this kind of question can put off beginners to the game.  At a Golf Like a Girl ‘Game On’ session you can ask as many questions as you like!  Our coaches are beside you all the way round, and we anticipate that your confidence on the course will grow and grow as you understand more about playing a round of golf.

Our aim is to inspire women to really enjoy playing golf.  At Golf Like a Girl we do our best to give you the answers and encouragement to do so.

– A winter ‘Game On’ session


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