Overcoming obstacles

Here at Golf Like a Girl we are excited to witness so many women enjoying our events.  Whether participants are complete beginners, improvers or existing golfers looking for a social, fun way to play the game, the feedback has been fantastic.  Our aim is to continue to grow and support increasing groups of women coming together, enjoying golf.

As well as the women we have enjoyed meeting, it is always great to receive emails or social media messages from new contacts across the UK.

We hear regularly about common obstacles that women face when thinking about getting into golf, or looking to develop their game.  Just this weekend I’ve been in contact with a woman in her 20s who has been introduced to golf recently and loves the game!  She has been struggling to encourage her immediate group of friends to give it a try.  This leaves her in a position where she’d love to be playing more and enjoying a social life connected to her new hobby, but feels a bit stuck right now.

I can relate well to this story, as I faced similar hurdles myself.  In fact, I gave up the game for 10 years for these reasons, before returning to try again.

One of the reasons that we’re expanding Golf Like a Girl throughout the UK, is to invite and include women who are looking for more than just an isolated ‘lesson after lesson’ experience.  So please don’t give up if you can’t find someone to play with immediately, or if you’re put off by the need to commit to significant golf club membership fees.  Golf Like a Girl recognises that sometimes you just want to ‘try it out’, hence our approach to set up events that you can join whenever you can make it.

We love that our community of amazing women is growing from strength to strength, on and off the course, in person and online.  Do get in touch if you’ve made resolutions to get active in 2016 and/or expand your social connections.  We’d love to introduce you to Golf Like a Girl.


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