Inspired to play?…

In the UK over the summer, BrExit gloom was replaced by the joyful performances of Team GB at the Olympics.  Super Saturdays extended into Super Sundays given late night time zones.  The first Olympic golf competitions for 100 years even featured a British Gold medal winner for the men, and a seventh place in the Olympic women’s golf event for Britain’s Charley Hull.

As with London 2012, once the Olympics came to an end, the talk quickly turned to legacy.  How can the fortnight of inspirational performances translate into more engagement in sport in our schools, villages and a more active population generally?  This is where the likes of Golf Like A Girl finds real inspiration.  We love to encourage all of you thinking thoughts of being more active to take action.  Our vision is to get women connecting on and around golf courses across the UK and beyond.

We strive to make it easy as possible for you to join in, to connect with like-minded women and have a go as part of our Golf Like A Girl community.  You don’t need to be an Olympian to get out and get slightly more active on the golf course, in the fresh air, in beautiful surroundings.  For further inspiration, read some of our Golf Like A Girl participants’ stories and get in touch today if you’re inclined to turn the golden glow of Olympic viewing into action.


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