Welcome to Golf Like a Girl ™ – inspiring women to enjoy golf at beginner and improver events.


At Golf Like a Girl we believe in a fun approach to the game.  Like any new activity, golf can be nerve wracking to begin with.  We believe that in the right environment – the right golfing venues – with the right people, those nerves will soon subside to free you to enjoy a wonderful hobby.

As a well-being professional I have experience of working with groups of women.  I know that getting out, being active, enjoying a new pursuit with friends and making new friends, is good for you. Mentally, emotionally, physically, golf can be an amazing stress buster.

I set up Golf Like a Girl to promote women’s golf in a new, fresh and exciting way. I know that women can face barriers in the sport, but we really want to do our bit to change that.  Personally, there’s not much that I enjoy more than being out on the course with good friends.  Golf Like a Girl aims to encourage and support women as they start their golfing journey.

At Golf Like a Girl events you can expect…

  • A warm welcome in the clubhouse, with tea and coffee and a chance to get to know the group a little better.
  • Beginners sessions include a 60-90 minute coaching session with friendly Golf Like a Girl leaders and support from golf club pros.
  • ‘Game On” sessions:  on-course playing time with support from PGA pros.
  • The opportunity to try out different aspects of golf and a chance to ask as many ‘silly questions’ as you’d like.
  • A welcoming environment, including social drinks and/or food and pleasant company throughout.

Check out our latest events or contact Tanya Wright
(e: tanya@golflikeagirluk.com) to be introduced to Golf Like a Girl.


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