The Golf Like A Girl vision is to expand our community of women playing golf, enhancing participants’ lives by the experiences and connections they make through golf, and through Golf Like A Girl events.  Here, we meet some of the Golf Like A Girl participants who have helped bring our vision to life during the past year…

GLaGPAlisonAlison used to belong to a running group before she became ill and was no longer able to take part.

Golf Like A Girl is a really enjoyable, laid back, fun way to learn to play golf.  It’s the best thing I ever did and has totally filled a gap I had in my life.  Thank you.

Gillian only came along to one of our events to stop her friend Alison going on about it and show her that she really wasn’t interested!GLAGPGillian

Even when you hit the worst shot ever (or miss the ball completely)  the girls and professionals are encouraging.  You quickly realise that the fear of making a complete fool out of yourself is just simply not there any more. 

GLAGPJannineJannine originally took up golf before she had children and enjoyed her lessons. All on the driving range, trying to perfect one shot with the same club.  She didn’t know any better. Jannine promised herself that when her youngest child was at school, she would get back into golf. She anticipated heading back to the range for the all-too-familiar lessons.

Then I tried Golf Like A Girl… Top quality, chilled out coaching, using four different clubs in the first hour. All preceded by meeting a group of friendly faces, all keen to have fun while learning something new and getting outdoors. I’ve made friends, my golf is improving and I now hanker after my first driver!

Julia‘s husband is a keen golfer, her boys had recently started playingGLAGPJulia, and she was feeling a bit left out.  Since taking up the game with Golf Like A Girl, Julia’s family often have nine holes together – and Julia plays more than any of them!

I would never have gone along to any golf club on my own – way too intimidating.  But the group lessons made it fun and provided a friendly environment where we could all be rubbish together. 

GLaGPJoJo hails from a family of golfers, but the game never really appealed to her.  Then a friend got in contact and told her that she was really enjoying these Golf Like A Girl sessions.  Jo thought ‘…if she likes it, I’ll give it a go!‘.

I love everything about Golf Like a Girl.  It’s great meeting new people and fantastically well organised.  Everyone is lovely, it’s good to have a giggle and we’re all in the same boat.

GLaGPJulieJulie worried that learning a new sport would be quite a “grim challenge“, but she describes her best Golf Like A Girl moment to date as winning the Texas Scramble pairs competition with Joy (“Thank you, Joy!“).

It was priceless to watch my husband and son fall about laughing when I placed the trophy ceremonially on the bookcase when I got home!  I am so pleased I found Golf Like a Girl – it is so much fun with the laughter and support of the other lovely ladies in the group.  I have made new friends and thoroughly enjoy the social aspects of fun competitions, days out, and of course, some delicious lunches!