Bringing us together

It is the end of a difficult month for many people in the UK, given divisions exaggerated by the EU Referendum result.  But at Golf Like A Girl we’re concentrating on what brings us together.  Rain or shine, old or young, north or south, we’ve been working hard to extend our community of golfers.

From Birmingham to Bath, we’ve been meeting with fascinating people to share the Golf Like A Girl experience and to discuss new opportunities.  A little over a year into our adventure, we’re thrilled at the numbers of participants we’ve introduced to golf and to our Golf Like A Girl community.  The groups are thriving; we’re delighted to be adding a junior section to our events, and we remain busy working on ideas to expand the Golf Like A Girl network across the country.


At a time when some gloomy clouds have descended, we’re thrilled that our golfing girls are having more giggles than ever.  We’ll keep encouraging women to come together around golf, and we’ll keep finding excuses to have fun on the golf course.  Thanks to all the participants, partners and pros who continue to share the laughter with us.  We look forward to bringing more of us together, more regularly on and off the golf course.


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